Wednesday, December 19, 2007
sisters are blessings.
they're always good listeners..
especially when you're already breaking down.

i vowed that i was going to be strong about this.
apparently, i can't do it.
this is going to take more than chocolate bars,
a cry fest,
and time away from him.

do not ask me why this is happening to me
because i cannot explain it myself.
it's only been a month
and already,
i'm here, semi-damaged.

and you know what sucks the most?
that it could have been something wonderful
if only i am not what i am..
or he isn't what he is.

sana alien na lang pala kami.

why do i put myself through this?

if only you weren't so nice,
so concerned,
so thoughtful,
so.. sweet,
so open to me,
so easy to talk to,
and very accepting of my quirks..
then maybe i wouldn't like you so much.

i wish i could just pack you in my luggage
take you with me.
then maybe we can just forget what everyone says
do what we want.

pero asa.
masyado kasi tayong mabait na mga bata..
at isa pa, hindi ka 'ata kasya sa maleta ko. ;)

the worst thing about this?
i can't even EAT.
i somehow lost my appetite along the way.

*dearies, ume-emo lang nang wala sa lugar. na medyo kailangan ko lang talaga magsalita because as of now, i'm not very nice to talk to. nawawala brain ko. puro mata ko lang at ilong nagfufunction.*
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